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Hair Transplant in kolkata

Get Back Your Beautiful Hair With Hair Transplant Surgery

It is the only solution for baldness. Hair taken from the back of scalp cut into follicles. Each follicle contain one to three hairs are transplanted to the bald areas. The hairs grow naturally. The hairs can be washed, cut and dyed. Dr Guha has well equipped hair transplant unit with all modern facilities. Procedure takes 5 to 6 hours depending on the number of follicles transplanted. Patient discharged on the same day. The transplanted hair grow normally.It is the ultimate and permanent treatment for baldness. In the process, the grafts are taken from backside of head called as donor are and then transplanted to bald part of scalp. This surgical procedure is performed by super specialists with great care at right angle, correct distance and orientation for proper and permanent growth with a natural look. This hair restoration surgery is highly effective for both men and women and the patient can go home same day without any problem or complication.

Affordable Hair Transplant in Kolkata, India

The cost of hair transplant also varies from one individual to the other. For example, one particular individual might take up because of dire need. On the other hand, another individual might opt for this cosmetic surgery to enhance their physical appeal. There are many clinics that ask you to appear for a charge less scalp analysis. According to the result, the grafts are determined and this is in turn sets the price. A number of clinics that conduct this surgery use modern technique and equipment. Hence, the previous concept – that this biopsy is a costly one, has now been replaced. This surgery can enhance the quality of life. Among numerous advantages of hair transplant, the restoration of buoyancy and a youthful look are some of the amazing results after surgery.

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Dr. Goutam Guha is one of the Best Hair Transplant Specialist in Kolkata, India who offers a wide range of Hair Transplant, Hair Restoration and Laser Treatment services in affordable cost with his Divine Knowledge, Expertise and experience in the field of Plastic, Cosmetic and reconstructive Surgery. Dr. Goutam guha will guide you through the best procedure which suites the individual who wants to undergo the Hair Treatment Services.

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